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PM Kishida calls for in-depth discussions on deterrence of U.S.-Japan alliance 

Asahi reported that Prime Minister Kishida said at the Diet on Monday that the Ukrainian crisis has become an opportunity to reacknowledge the importance of Japan’s relationships with the United States and other nations and stressed the need to strengthen Japan’s defense capabilities. The premier reportedly expressed his intention to reflect this view in the National Security Strategy that the GOJ aims to revise by the end of this year. The daily said that the Upper House Budget Committee focused on the effectiveness of the “extended deterrence of the U.S.-Japan alliance” in a session on Monday. When LDP lawmaker Aoyama Shigeharu pointed out that many Japanese people are worried about whether the U.S. military would actually protect Japan, the premier reportedly said nations such as China “are concentrating and strengthening their military forces, which are powerful both in terms of quality and quantity, in areas surrounding Japan.” Kishida also reportedly said: “We must hold in-depth discussions on the deterrence and response capabilities of the U.S.-Japan alliance, which defends the safety of our nation.” 

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