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Former NSS chief Kitamura incurs ex-NPA bureaucrats’ enmity

  • March 1, 2022
  • , Sentaku , p. 44
  • JMH Translation

Former National Security Secretariat (NSS) Secretary General Kitamura Shigeru seems to be facing a headwind following a counterattack launched by former National Police Agency (NPA) bureaucrats.


When Kitamura served as NSS secretary general, he preferentially treated Fujii Toshihiko, a former councilor in the Cabinet Secretariat who is originally from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). But weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun published a scoop exposing Fujii’s unauthorized side job and adultery. This raises the question of whether Kitamura, whose selling point is the ability to obtain intelligence, did, in fact, not know about Fujii’s side job. But one police insider says, “There are many former NPA bureaucrats (who are exposing Fujii’s scandals).”             


Former NPA bureaucrats hold a grudge against Kitamura because he scaled back the privileges of the NPA, from which he hails, under the government of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo by surmising the wishes of METI, where Imai Takaya, special advisor and executive secretary to the prime minister, used to work. The bureaucrats complain that Kitamura did not work on behalf of the NPA despite his having been in the center of the government for a long time. (Abridged)


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