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GOJ confirms coordinated inter-agency support for Ukrainian evacuees

  • March 18, 2022
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All networks reported on a GOJ meeting this morning to discuss Japan’s support for people wishing to enter Japan from Ukraine that was chaired by Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno and attended by Foreign Minister Hayashi, Justice Minister Furukawa, and other relevant cabinet ministers. During the meeting, the government confirmed its integrated efforts to provide assistance to Ukrainian evacuees swiftly and extensively. As specific measures, the government is planning to streamline the process of issuing visas and providing housing and other support to the evacuees in coordination with local governments and private businesses. The Kishida administration will set up a new taskforce chaired by Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Takizaki to coordinate among relevant government agencies. Matsuno told the participants to make utmost efforts to provide support for those who have fled difficult circumstances in their home country and come to Japan to seek help.

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