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87% of Japanese worried about national security following Russian invasion of Ukraine

  • March 20, 2022
  • , Mainichi, Sankei , Kyodo
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Sunday’s Mainichi reported on the results of a nationwide public opinion survey showing that some 87% of respondents voiced concern about national security possibly being undermined as a result of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Almost three out of five respondents said the sanctions on Moscow taken by the Japanese government were “appropriate,” while three out of ten called for even stronger punitive measures. Over 60% supported Japan’s provision of bulletproof vests and other non-lethal military equipment to Ukraine. Some 22% said Japan should be “more proactive” in offering military assistance to Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has also apparently triggered concern among Japanese about the situation across the Taiwan Strait, with close to 90% of respondents saying they are worried about the possibility of China invading Taiwan. Support for the Kishida cabinet rose 3 points from a month ago to 48%, while nonsupport declined 8 points to 38%.


A Kyodo survey pointed to a similar trend, with three out of four respondents saying they are now more concerned about the possibility of Chinese aggression against Taiwan or the Senkaku Islands. The poll put support for the Kishida administration at 60%, up 3.5 points.


Tuesday’s Sankei also reported that its joint survey with FNN conducted on March 19 and 20 found that a total of 84.2% of respondents said they are concerned about the possibility that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will lead to Chinese aggression against Taiwan or the Senkaku Islands. Public support for the Kishida Cabinet was 65.8%, up 3.2 points from last month, and nonsupport was 27.9%, down 2.1 points.

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