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Japan reacts sharply to Russia’s discontinuation of bilateral peace treaty talks

All TV networks reported that the Japanese government reacted strongly to Russia’s withdrawal from bilateral peace treaty negotiations, cultural exchanges, and joint economic activities in the Northern Territories, with Prime Minister Kishida and other senior GOJ officials criticizing it one after another as “unilateral” and “unacceptable. “The sole cause of the current situation is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Prime Minister Kishida said at the parliament this morning. “Moscow’s attempt to blame Japan is utterly unjustifiable and can never be accepted. We strongly object.” He added that Japan’s position of concluding a peace treaty by resolving the Northern Territories dispute remains unchanged. The prime minister also dismissed a renewed opposition call for removing economic aid programs for Russia from the FY2022 budget legislation on the grounds that they are also meant to support participating Japanese businesses.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno disclosed that MOFA Deputy Minister Yamada has filed a protest with Russian Ambassador Galuzin, underscoring that Moscow’s countermeasures will not deter Tokyo from responding resolutely in close coordination with the international community to the Russian aggression.

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