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Taiwanese grow pessimistic about military support from U.S., Japan in contingency

  • March 23, 2022
  • , Asahi
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Asahi took up the results of a public opinion poll taken by a think tank in Taiwan showing that following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some 43% of respondents in Taiwan said the SDF would come to the defense of the island territory in the event of Chinese aggression, down almost 15 points from six months ago, while 48.6% said it would not. The corresponding figures for the U.S. military were 34.5% (down 30.5 points) and 55.9%, respectively. The pollster called the drastic decline in the people of Taiwan’s expectation for the two partners’ military assistance a “sudden burst of pessimism almost without precedent,” speculating that many Taiwanese were shocked to learn that no countries committed troops for the defense of Ukraine. The survey showed that almost 60% said Taiwan would have to defend itself against invading Chinese forces and that almost 78% felt Taiwan would not be able to repel Chinese forces on its own. 

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