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Biden’s drive for global unity a “silver lining” in Russian invasion of Ukraine

Sankei’s senior diplomatic writer Kurose called President Biden’s drive to achieve global unity a “silver lining” in the Ukraine crisis as it has marked the United States’ return to traditional “internationalism” and a departure from the “isolationism” that former President Trump pursued. The reporter cited the results of public opinion surveys showing the American public’s very strong support for defeating Putin in the war in Ukraine and for Washington coming to the defense of democratic countries that are attacked by autocratic regimes. While noting that some American experts believe the Russian leader would not have invaded its neighbor if “unpredictable” Trump had still been the U.S. president, the journalist said that thanks to President Biden, a strong advocate of rebuilding alliance relations, NATO, the G7, and other freedom-loving countries are firmly united in pushing back against the Russian aggression. He voiced doubts about whether international solidarity would have been this strong under President Trump, who was openly critical of NATO. The columnist went on to say that most countries are probably happy to see the United States being led by President Biden since he has shown them that Washington will come to the defense of those in need, adding that his presidency is also beneficial for Japan, which is being threatened by China, North Korea, and Russia.

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