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Japan facing security threats on three fronts

Sunday’s Sankei reported that following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Japan will need to take into consideration Russia’s military movements in addition to those by China and North Korea in reconfiguring its security posture. Up until now, the Defense Ministry and the SDF had been focusing on beefing up Japan’s defense in the western part of the country facing the East China Sea by moving personnel and equipment there from northern Japan to counter the PLA’s aggressive operations around the Nansei Islands. They justified this shift based on the assessment that China’s robust military buildup and North Korea’s nuclear and missile development constituted “pressing security threats.” However, as the war in Ukraine has demonstrated that the Russian military will continue to be a security menace, the daily projected that the GOJ may abandon its proposed downsizing of the SDF presence in northern Japan when the National Security Strategy and two other key defense documents are updated in December.

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