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House Speaker Pelosi to visit Japan this weekend

NHK reported this morning that arrangements are being made by the U.S. and Japanese governments for U.S. House Speaker Pelosi to visit Japan this weekend, saying that she is expected to meet with Prime Minister Kishida and her Japanese counterpart Hosoda to exchange views on ways to further strengthen the bilateral relationship. The network said that according to a source, Speaker Pelosi will visit Japan together with several other members of Congress. Noting that Prime Minister Kishida and President Biden agreed last month that no attempts to change the status quo by force can be tolerated in any region, the network said the U.S. House speaker is also expected to exchange views with Japanese officials on how to respond to Russia and assist Ukraine. The network added that as Speaker Pelosi has expressed criticism of China’s human rights situation in relation to the Beijing Olympics, she may also discuss China with Japanese officials.

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