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Miyazaki mayor agrees to host Japanese F-35s despite local opposition

  • April 6, 2022
  • , Mainichi
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Mainichi reported on a Miyazaki municipal leader’s endorsement of a Defense Ministry proposal to deploy 20 F-35Bs at a local SDF facility beginning in FY2024, saying that his decision has already been criticized by some residents who have had to endure loud noise caused by the existing fleet of 40 fighter jets. Mayor Kojima of the town of Shintomi, which hosts the ASDF’s Nyutabaru Base, has reportedly defended his controversial decision by saying: “It’s better to get involved in the initiative from the beginning so as to ensure the safety of the community rather than gaining nothing by opposing it.” He explained that by accommodating additional airplanes, the municipality will be given central government subsidies for soundproofing about 1,000 local homes. The opponents have reportedly dismissed such arguments by insisting that the initiative will exacerbate the noise pollution since the ministry has admitted that the number of flights at the installation will increase by 50% from the present level if the state-of-the-art jets are based there. The detractors also worry that the stationing of some 60 fighters in total might prompt some citizens to look for quieter neighborhoods outside Shintomi.

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