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Russia hints at retaliation in response to Japan’s sanctions

  • April 7, 2022
  • , NTV, TBS, TV Tokyo
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TV Tokyo and NTV reported that a senior Russian diplomat disclosed on Wednesday that Moscow is considering taking measures in response to the sanctions that the Japanese government has imposed on it. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information and Press Department Director Zakharova criticized Tokyo for “spreading anti-Russian hysteria in Japan” and “blindly following instructions from overseas.” She warned the Kishida administration against “ruining the bilateral relationship of cooperation that has been forged by its predecessors over many years.”


According to TBS, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno dismissed Russia’s threat of retaliatory steps. “The sole cause of the current situation was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” the government spokesman said. “Its attempt to shift the blame to Japan is completely inappropriate. We reject it.”  





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