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Morning news

  • April 13, 2022
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Broadcasters led with reports on a press conference by Russian President Putin yesterday at which he said the military operations in Ukraine will continue until Moscow’s goals are fulfilled (NHK), the forecast for more hot weather in Tokyo today (NTV, TBS), a mass shooting in a Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday, (Fuji TV), and a Ukrainian government official’s remark that the war in Ukraine may continue until around 2035 (TV Asahi).


Top stories in national dailies included an informal proposal from the United States, the UK, and Australia for Japan to participate in their AUKUS security framework (Sankei), the Mariupol mayor’s statement to AP that the death toll in the southeastern Ukrainian city could surpass 20,000 (Yomiuri), Russia’s suspected use of chemical weapons in Ukraine (Mainichi), the devastation in Borodyanka, near Kyiv (Asahi), and data showing that global sales of new electric vehicles in 2021 doubled to reach 4.6 million units and overtake hybrid cars for the first time, boosted by strong demand in China and Europe (Nikkei).

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