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Japan to cosponsor UN resolution on Security Council reform

  • April 15, 2022
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All national papers took up Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno’s disclosure yesterday that in accordance with instructions from Prime Minister Kishida, Japan plans to cosponsor a UN General Assembly motion mandating the five Security Council members to provide explanations when they use their veto power. “The use of the veto should be restricted as much as possible,” the government spokesperson was quoted as saying. According to Nikkei, a total of 38 nations are likely to jointly submit to the General Assembly the resolution being drafted by the United States and Lichtenstein.


In a related development, the LDP on Thursday submitted to PM Kishida a set of recommendations regarding UN reforms that was drafted amid rising global dissatisfaction about the “dysfunction” of the Security Council over the war in Ukraine. One recommendatio is for the swift removal of the Enemy State Clause from the UN Charter. Pointing out the ruling party did not call for Japan’s membership in the Security Council, Mainichi conjectured that the Kishida administration is likely to take a “realistic” approach when it comes to Security Council reform, with an LDP source saying that it would be counterproductive for Tokyo to seek the realignment of the powerful body given that the United States is skeptical about such an idea in the first place. In pursuing UN reform, Tokyo will reportedly focus on how to prevent the permanent members from abusing their veto power instead.

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