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Prime minister’s schedule on April 20, 2022


April 20, 2022  


Left the Prime Minister’s Official Residence [Kotei] on foot.  


Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office [Kantei].  

09:36 – 10:19  

Met with National Security Secretariat Secretary-General Akiba Takeo; Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary Takahashi Kenichi; Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Mori Takeo, and Vice-Minister of Defense Shimada Kazuhisa.  

10:54 – 11:22  

Met with Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs Shikata Noriyuki; Special Advisor to the Prime Minister Mori Masafumi; head of the novel coronavirus response office Sakoi Masami; MEXT Higher Education Bureau Director-General Masuko Hiroshi; and METI Director-General for Policy Planning and Coordination Kataoka Koichiro.  

12:09 – 13:02  

Had lunch with Komeito Chief Representative Yamaguchi Natsuo.  


Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu; Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries Isozaki Yoshihiko and Kuryu Shunichi; Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management Murata Takashi; Akiba; Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office Deputy Director Yanagi Jun; Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Mori; MOFA European Affairs Bureau Director-General Uyama Hideki; and MOD Defense Policy Bureau Director-General Masuda Kazuo entered the room.  


Agency for National Resources and Energy Commissioner Hosaka Shin joined the meeting.  


All left the room.  

15:01 – 15:14  

Met with Director Yakiya Naoe of the World Food Programme (WFP) Japan Relations Office and Chairman Ando Hiroki of the NPO UN WFP Association. LDP Public Relations Headquarters Chairperson Kono Taro and House of Councillors member Takano Kojiro were present.  

15:30 – 15:53  

Spoke by phone with Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri.  

16:41 – 17:01  

Met with Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Saito Tetsuo; Special Advisor to Prime Minister Mori; MLIT Water and Disaster Management Bureau Director-General Inoue Tomoo; and MOFA Global Issues Director-General Akahori Takeshi.  

17:24 – 17:34  

Met with House of Representatives member Nishimura Akihiro of the LDP and House of Councillors member Sakurai Mitsuru of the LDP.  

17:35 – 18:01  

Met with Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Goto Shigeyuki, Matsuno, and Vice-Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Yoshida Manabu.  


Left the Kantei.  


Arrived at Imperial Hotel Tokyo in Tokyo’s Uchisaiwaicho district. Attended and gave remarks at the inaugural meeting of the Japan federation of food and drink associations at the Peacock Room in the hotel.  


Left the hotel.  


Arrived at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo’s Nagatacho district. Exchanged opinions with Chairman, President & CEO Yasuda Ikuo of Pinnacle Inc., and others in the Function Room “Sakura and Tachibana” in the hotel.  


Left the hotel.  


Arrived at the Kotei.  

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