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Japanese finance minister denounces Russia at G20 meeting

  • April 21, 2022
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All broadcasters reported on the conclusion of the G20 financial ministerial meeting in Washington on Wednesday, saying that the absence of a post-conference joint statement points to the deep schism between the West and Russia and other countries, which was also evidenced by the fact that the representatives of the United States, the UK, and other Western countries walked out of the event when the Russian delegates delivered remarks. According to the networks, Japan’s Finance Minister Suzuki did not follow suit. On this, the Japanese official told the press afterward: “I did not walk out, but I sharply criticized Russia by saying its aggression against Ukraine is the very cause of the world economy confronting many difficulties and that Russia should not participate in the G20.” The minister also underscored that he condemned during the session Russia’s invasion in “the strongest language” by saying it is a clear violation of international law and absolutely intolerable.


In a related development, NHK reported that the top treasury officials of the G7 released a joint statement following the conclusion of the G20 finance ministers’ and central governors’ meeting in Washington on Wednesday. They strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of its neighbor by saying it constitutes a “flagrant encroachment of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” While expressing regret at Russia’s attendance at the G20 confab, the G7 officials reportedly vowed to step up sanctions against Moscow by saying: “We will continue to take coordinated actions with countries around the world to force Russia to pay a higher price for the aggravated situation in Ukraine.”


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