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Prime Minister Kishida to meet with ROK delegation today

All national dailies reported that Prime Minister Kishida is expected to meet today with a delegation of policy advisors to ROK President-elect Yoon currently visiting Tokyo. Nikkei said the prime minister will discuss with the delegation ways to rebuild the Japan-ROK relationship that has deteriorated over the wartime issues of comfort women and requisitioned workers. The paper said the South Korean side is expected to deliver a letter to Kishida from President-elect Yoon. The daily also noted that bilateral security cooperation is likely to be on the agenda in light of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.


The delegation met with Foreign Minister Hayashi, Defense Minister Kishi, and Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Hagiuda on Monday. In addition to meeting with Hayashi at MOFA in the morning, the delegation had dinner with him. During the dinner meeting Hayashi reportedly said: “A sound Japan-ROK relationship is essential for ensuring regional peace, stability, and prosperity.” Kishi also reportedly told the delegation that he intends to communicate closely with the Yoon government to ensure peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. In addition, the paper said Japan’s controls on exports to South Korea, over which South Korea filed a complaint with the WTO, came up during the meeting with Hagiuda. The two sides reportedly reiterated their positions on the matter.

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