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LDP proposes doubling defense budget, acquiring “counterstrike capability” 

  • April 28, 2022
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All national dailies wrote that former Defense Minister Onodera, who heads the LDP’s Research Commission on National Security, submitted to Prime Minister Kishida on Wednesday a set of recommendations that the party wishes to be reflected in the GOJ’s updates of the National Security Strategy and two other key security documents. Kishida told Onodera that strengthening Japan’s defense capabilities is an urgent issue in view of the increasingly severe security environment surrounding the country and that the government will hold in-depth discussions by taking the recommendations into consideration. In the proposals, the LDP urges the government to aim for a defense budget that is equivalent to 2% or more of GDP within five years and develop a “counterstrike capability” aimed at disabling enemy missiles before launch. The recommendations designate China as a “serious security threat,” North Korea as a “more serious and imminent security threat,” and Russia as a “realistic security threat.” The party also recommends that the government review Japan’s three principles on the transfer of defense equipment. Referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the LDP says it is necessary for the government to review its restrictions on arms exports and consider establishing a new system that will allow the country to provide a wider range of defense equipment to countries under attack. Mainichi wrote that although the “counterstrike capability” is aimed at responding to the military buildup by North Korea and China, its acquisition could undermine Japan’s long-held exclusively defense-oriented policy.  

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