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Two former prime ministers fight “proxy war” in Tokyo

Friday’s Mainichi reported that in the upcoming July Upper House election in Tokyo, where six seats are up for grabs, former Prime Ministers Abe and Suga are rooting for two different LDP candidates, with pundits calling the intra-party competition a “proxy war” between the ex-premiers. As it remains uncertain whether the ruling party will be able to secure victories for both contestants, supporters of each competitor are poised to step up their campaigning in the belief that if only one of the two is elected, the prime minister who backed the loser might not be able to maintain his grip on power within the ruling party. Suga has reportedly endorsed the reelection bid of athlete-turned incumbent junior member Asahi Kentaro, while Abe fielded former entertainer Ikuina Akiko. “The clout of the two political heavyweights is on the line in the Tokyo race,” said an unnamed LDP Diet member.

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