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Japan to host in-person Quad summit in late May 

The Friday editions of all national papers reported on Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno’s announcement on Thursday regarding the in-person summit between the leaders of the United States, Japan. Australia, and India scheduled for May 24 in Tokyo. Asahi cited a diplomatic source based in Washington as saying that as President Biden is extremely eager to attend a Quad session in Tokyo, it was the first event to be arranged as part of his trip to South Korea and Japan. The U.S. leader is reportedly anxious to play up unity between the four democratic partners in the Indo-Pacific region to push back on China, Russia, and other autocracies and alleviate regional concerns about Beijing’s relentless hegemonic behavior. The daily added that the President’s leadership will be put to the test during the Quad session over whether he can persuade India to join the anti-Russia coalition.   

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