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Older brother of former abductee Chimura Fukie dies at 93

Hamamoto Yuko, the older brother of Chimura Fukie, 66, a Japanese national abducted to North Korea and now back in Japan, passed away from natural causes on April 28. He was 93 years old.


Hamamoto scrambled to locate and rescue Fukie after she went missing while she was on a date with her fiance, Chimura Yasushi, 66, in Obama City in July 1978. After the Association of Families of Victims Kidnapped by North Korea was formed in 1997, Hamamoto called for the abductees’ rescue during gatherings. In October 2002, the Chimuras and three other abductees returned to Japan.


The Chimuras released a comment in which they said; “Without his rescue efforts, we would not have been able to return to Japan. We are so grateful.” They added: “The abductees and their families are aging and there is no time to waste in resolving the issue. In accordance with his dying wish, we want to continue working on resolving the issue so we can put it to rest during our own generation.” (Abridged)

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