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Ambassador Emanuel hails Mineta as “one of the finest public servants of this or any generation”

The Thursday editions of all national dailies reported on the passing of Norman Mineta, the first Asian American ever to serve as a U.S. cabinet secretary, on Tuesday at the age of 90. Sankei wrote that Ambassador Emanuel released a statement on Wednesday mourning the death of Mineta and referring to him as “one of the finest public servants of this or any generation.” The paper wrote that the Ambassador praised Mineta’s achievements by saying: “As America’s first Japanese-American Cabinet official, he was a tireless advocate for equality and dignity and a fierce opponent of bigotry and prejudice.” Referring to his service as mayor of San Jose, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Secretary of both Commerce and Transportation, the Ambassador said Mineta’s profound moral authority grew out of his experience being interned with his family and other Japanese Americans during World War II. Kyodo News ran a similar report, noting that the Ambassador said Mineta “will be deeply missed.”

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