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Senior USG official says “fundamental challenges for the 21st century lay in Indo-Pacific”

NHK highlighted a keynote speech delivered during a CSIS symposium in Washington on Monday by White House Indo-Pacific Coordinator Campbell, who said that despite the current international focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “The larger, more fundamental challenges for the 21st century really lay in the Indo-Pacific region.” The broadcaster explained that the White House official made this comment apparently in reference to China’s rapid rise. While noting that Moscow’s aggression has prompted countries in Asia to engage more with Europe, the advisor to the president said: “What we’ve seen is really just an incredible – almost an explosion of dialogue and engagement with Europe on the Indo-Pacific.” He said even the Europeans think it is necessary to send a “subtle message” that there is a “profound interest in the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.” Explaining that an “alignment” is emerging between the leaders of Japan and South Korea, Campbell said: “What’s most important is to seize this opportunity, probably the next couple of years” to further deepen partnership between the United States, Europe, and Asia with the goal of countering China. 

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