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Ambassador Emanuel discusses President’s visit, U.S.-Japan Alliance, and IPEF in interview

NTV reported in its noon news program on a brief segment of its interview with Ambassador Emanuel that was conducted on Friday at his official residence in Tokyo. The network claimed that this was the first one-on-one interview that the Ambassador has granted to a Japanese TV outlet since taking up his post. Concerning President Biden’s scheduled trip to Japan starting on May 22, Ambassador Emanuel expressed the view that the visit will demonstrate to China the strength of the U.S.-Japan Alliance, quoting him as saying that the visit will be a wake-up call to China that “America is a permanent Pacific presence and power.” Concerning the IPEF, which President Biden is expected to announce during his visit to Tokyo, the Ambassador reportedly commented that what is important is not the low cost and efficiency that China offers but sustainability and stability. The Ambassador reportedly added: “I don’t see China participating [in the IPEF]. There is nothing you’ve seen in the last five or seven years about China that says sustainability and stability.” The network interpreted his remark as underscoring the United States’ stance that China is a rival. Saying that China has no allies or friends, the Ambassador stated that Western countries have been strengthening their solidarity following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and that this is sending a warning to China and Russia.

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