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Morning news

  • May 18, 2022
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Broadcasters led with reports on the Russian military’s apparent control of the strategic city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine (NHK), the claim by a Yamaguchi resident who has refused to return the 46.3 million yen ($359,000) in COVID-19 relief payments erroneously deposited into his account that he spent the entire amount gambling on an online casino (NTV, TV Asahi), and a bushfire along the JR Joban train line in Chiba last night (Fuji TV).


Nikkei gave top play to a U.S.-Japan joint statement to be issued by President Biden and Prime Minister Kishida at their summit in Tokyo next week in which the two nations are expected to state that they will jointly “deter and respond to” China’s activities. All other national dailies led with Ukrainian troops’ withdrawal from Mariupol.

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