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Kishida likely to visit Spain to sit in on NATO summit in June

  • May 18, 2022
  • , TV Asahi
  • JMH Summary

TV Asahi asserted that coordination is underway for Prime Minister Kishida to attend the NATO summit scheduled for late June in Madrid, projecting that his participation will signal Tokyo’s desire to strengthen coordination with the European collective security framework as it will be the first time for a Japanese leader to take part in a NATO summit. The network said that during the session at which the war in Ukraine will be at the top of the agenda, the prime minister will underscore the importance of enhanced cooperation between Japan and NATO in the belief that the security of Europe and the Indo-Pacific can no longer be regarded as separate. The broadcaster added that NATO is keen to ratchet up the pressure on Russia by enhancing cooperation with non-member partners, such as Japan and Australia.

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