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Morning news

  • May 19, 2022
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NHK led with an update on the situation in the strategic port city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, while all commercial broadcasters gave top coverage to the arrest of a 24-year-old man in Yamaguchi on charges of allegedly gambling away at least some of the 46.3 million yen ($359,000) in COVID-19 relief payments that was erroneously deposited into his account.


Sankei gave top play to its interview with Ambassador Emanuel. Yomiuri led with a report on Japan’s plan to join the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. Other lead stories included Russia’s possible rejection of an exchange of captured soldiers with Ukraine (Asahi), the applications for NATO membership submitted by Finland and Sweden (Mainichi), and the worldwide economic slowdown due to rising prices (Nikkei).

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