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Senior White House official mentions possibility of imminent DPRK provocation

NHK took up a press conference on Wednesday by National Security Advisor Sullivan, during which he mentioned that North Korea may stage additional provocations, such as an ICBM launch and/or a nuclear test during President Biden’s visit to South Korea and Japan that begins on Friday. “Our intelligence does reflect the genuine possibility that there will be either a further missile test, including long-range missile test, or a nuclear test, or frankly both, in the days leading into, on, or after the president’s trip to the region,” the top security official said. “We are preparing for all contingencies, including the possibility that such a provocation would occur while we are in Korea or in Japan.” He added that the United States is prepared to make “both short and longer-term adjustments” to its military posture in order to respond to all types of DPRK provocations and ensure the defense of its allies in the region.

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