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Quad summit to be held today

  • May 24, 2022
  • , All national papers , NHK
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All national papers wrote that the leaders of the United States, Japan, Australia, and India will assemble in Tokyo today for the second in-person summit of the Quad framework, focusing on the planned participation of Australian Prime Minister Albanese, who was elected only a day ago by defeating incumbent Morrison. The new Australian leader reportedly told the press upon taking office that the fact that he will travel overseas in the first week after his inauguration signifies the importance his administration will attach to the cooperative partnership between the four nations. Albanese reportedly dismissed skepticism about his administration’s approach toward China and underscored that he will uphold the previous government’s policy of reining in Beijing in coordination with the three other members by saying: “It is China that has changed, not Australia, and Australia should always stand up for our values and we will in a government that I lead.”


The papers noted that attention is focused on whether Japan, the United States, and Australia will be able to seek India’s support for stepping up the pressure on Russia over its war in Ukraine. Nikkei speculated that the four-way joint statement to be released after the meeting is unlikely to criticize Russia by name and will instead emphasize the importance of respecting the sovereignty of Ukraine.


NHK ran a similar story, projecting that the participants are likely to affirm four-way coordination in ensuring a rules-based free and open Indo-Pacific and dealing with such challenges as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. The network quoted President Biden as commenting on the upcoming leaders’ meeting by saying: “The Quad is showing the world that cooperation among democracies can get big things done.” The broadcaster noted that the assembled leaders plan to issue a joint statement that pledges cooperation for infrastructure investment in the region, greater sharing of data collected by their space satellites, and the launch of a new framework for combating global warming.

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