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Biden-Kishida summit produces consequential “deliverables” thanks to Ambassador Emanuel

TV Tokyo’s late night “World News Satellite” opined that the latest U.S.-Japan summit was extraordinary given the scope and number of “deliverables” that came out of it, including Prime Minister Kishida’s disclosure that Japan will host the G7 summit in Hiroshima next year, President Biden’s announcement on the establishment of a CDC office in Japan, the United States’ support for Japan’s membership on the UN Security Council, Tokyo’s commitment to bolstering defense spending, and the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework. Nikkei senior writer Takita, a regular commentator on the program, asserted that Ambassador Emanuel must have been the behind-the-scenes architect who coordinated closely with the Japanese side and capitalized on his direct connections with the White House to enable the two leaders to roll out one consequential initiative after another. Expressing the view that the President’s remark on Taiwan was the most significant comment he made thus far during his Japan trip, the journalist projected that the Ambassador may go on to play a key role in drafting a comprehensive plan for the United States and Japan to deal with a Taiwan contingency.

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