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China, Russia keen to step up coordinated show of force near Japan

Nikkei reported on the joint flights near Japan conducted by Chinese and Russian nuclear bombers while the Quad summit was underway in Tokyo on Wednesday, quoting a Japanese Defense Ministry source as saying that the coordinated flights by the nuclear bombers were totally unexpected. Noting that Beijing elected to join hands with Moscow to demonstrate their military outreach amid the rising global outcry over the Russian invasion of Ukraine even at the risk of triggering international criticism, the daily speculated that China is apparently alarmed by what it sees as growing moves by the United States and Japan to intervene in the Taiwan issue.


In a related development, Nikkei reported on remarks made during an LDP meeting yesterday by Foreign Affairs Division Chairman Sato Masahisa, who called for the MSDF to conduct a freedom of navigation operation in the Taiwan Strait and/or ramp up training drills near the Sea of Okhotsk in order to counter Russian and Chinese forces.

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