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Gist of interpellations at Lower House budget committee meeting, May 26, 2022

The following is the gist of interpellations at the Lower House budget committee meeting on May 26, 2022:


Security strategy


Onodera Itsunori (Liberal Democratic Party): False information has been disseminated with the [Russian] invasion of Ukraine.


Prime Minister Kishida Fumio: Handling the information war is important. We must keep ourselves fully informed about this and think about how to respond. We will engage in concrete and realistic discussions while thoroughly keeping in mind new issues, such as acquiring counterattack capabilities.


Takeuchi Yuzuru (Komeito): Japan should create peace and security in the region by both developing defense capabilities and engaging in diplomacy based on dialogue.


Kishida: The key to national security is to create an international environment favorable for Japan and prevent threats before they arise by vigorously promoting diplomacy while making security preparations.


Izumi Kenta (Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan): What is your stance on nuclear sharing?


Kishida: [Nuclear sharing] is not realistic. The administration is not considering debating it.


Japan-U.S. summit meeting


Onodera: Were you able to gain a full-fledged commitment on extended deterrence [from the U.S.]?


Kishida: We will endeavor to enhance mutual understanding even more including on the ministerial level. Based on the confirmation at the bilateral summit, we will continue efforts to further trust regarding nuclear deterrence. U.S. President Joe Biden stated that the U.S. is committed to defending Japan with all capabilities, including nuclear.


Support for startups


Ogura Masanobu (Liberal Democratic Party): Are you serious about supporting startups?


Kishida: We must consider using public funds. We will move forward boldly in this area, while clarifying cross-sectional command functions.


Japan-China relations


Izumi: Shouldn’t you hold a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping?


Kishida: Japan and China face many issues. We must have China fulfill its responsibilities as a major power, and Japan will insist on things it needs to insist on. We must also maintain a constructive relationship where we cooperate in areas where we can cooperate. Dialogue and developing mutual understanding are important.


Japan-U.S. trade agreement


Izumi: Japan should work toward eliminating tariffs in the automotive sector.


Kishida: We will move forward with this issue with a stance of continuing talks..


(Segments on measures to address the low birthrate; pensions; financial policy; and Lower House Speaker Hosoda Hiroyuki have been redacted.)


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