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South Korea conducts maritime survey near Takeshima 

Monday’s Sankei gave front-page play to a report that the GOJ confirmed on Sunday that a maritime survey vessel belonging to ROK’s Korean Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency dropped a wire-like object into the sea within Japan’s EEZ north of the disputed Takeshima/Dokdo islands. The paper said the South Korean side reportedly acknowledged conducting a survey in the region, adding that South Korea did not provide any prior notice of the activity. The daily wrote that MOFA Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau chief Funakoshi lodged a protest with South Korea and called for the immediate suspension of the survey through the South Korean Embassy in Japan on Sunday. Asahi, Yomiuri, and Nikkei ran similar stories. 


All national dailies reported on Tuesday that Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno told the press on Monday that Takeshima is “clearly an integral part of the Japanese territory in light of historical facts as well as international law” and the actions of the South Korean side are “totally unacceptable.” Matsuno reportedly added that Japan will strongly urge South Korea to take appropriate measures. Meanwhile, Yomiuri reported that MOFA lodged another protest with the South Korean side on Monday after the South Korean vessel conducted survey activities within Japan’s EEZ near Takeshima again on Monday. Sankei wrote that the situation has thrown cold water on the expectations for rapprochement between Japan and South Korea following the launch of the Yoon administration. 

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