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Gist of interpellations at Upper House budget committee meeting on May 30, 2022

Below is the gist of interpellations at the Upper House budget committee meeting on May 30, 2022.


Japan-U.S. Summit


Arita Yoshifu (Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan): At the Japan-U.S. Summit with U.S. President Biden, you said that “we will increase the defense budget by a considerable amount.” How much will the increase be and what is the source of revenue?


Prime Minister Kishida Fumio: We will discuss what is necessary to protect the lives of citizens and also discuss the source of revenue.


Arita: We should deter China through diplomacy. Okinawa would be exposed to the highest risk in a Taiwan contingency.


Kishida: Defense capabilities and reinforcing the Japan-U.S. alliance are important. We need to create an international environment that is beneficial to our country using our diplomatic capabilities.


Nuclear plant security


Mori Yuko (Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan): Have you conducted simulations based on the scenario of a military attack on a nuclear power plant?


Kishida: We have not yet implemented simulations in connection with the Russian invasion. We are constantly discussing how to respond to armed attacks, bearing in mind such issues as the North Korean situation. We will coordinate our actions based on such discussions.

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