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U.S., Japan, South Korea to reconstruct extended deterrence strategy 

Nikkei wrote that the United States, Japan, and South Korea will reconstruct their shared strategy under the United States’ extended deterrence and that this will involve South Korea restarting joint military exercises involving U.S. strategic bombers. The paper wrote that Washington’s desire to strengthen its nuclear umbrella comes out of a sense of crisis over the security environment in East Asia. According to the daily, the Pentagon estimates that China will possess 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030, quintupling its stockpile from 2020, and that North Korea may soon carry out its seventh nuclear test. Russian President Putin has also hinted at the possibility of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, raising concern of a lower threshold for their use. The paper claimed that in light of the nuclear threats posed by China, North Korea, and Russia, reconstructing the nuclear deterrence strategy has become an urgent issue for the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The daily speculated that Washington is especially focused on rebuilding the nuclear umbrella in South Korea because former President Moon scaled back U.S. military involvement in his country in favor of advancing dialogue with the North by suspending large joint military exercises with the United States to avoid provoking Pyongyang. The paper conjectured that Washington will try to use President Yoon’s inauguration as an opportunity to strengthen the deterrence of the U.S.-ROK Alliance.  

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