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TBS poll: Public support for Kishida cabinet at 64.5%

  • June 6, 2022
  • , TBS
  • JMH Summary

TBS reported on the results of its opinion poll conducted over the weekend, which found that 64.5% expressed support for the Kishida cabinet, up 2.4 points from the last survey held in May. Nonsupport dropped 0.2 points to 31.6%.  Concerning the GOJ’s decision to relax its border control measures, including raising the daily cap on foreign arrivals to 20,000, 42% of respondents said it was “appropriate,” 22% said the GOJ should further relax the measures, and 32% said the GOJ should tighten the measures. Concerning the monkeypox that is spreading mainly in Europe, a total of 75% said they were either “extremely” or “somewhat” concerned. As for the GOJ’s measures against high prices, 28% expressed approval, while 58% did not. In response to the GOJ’s recommendation for the public to shift from “savings” to “investment,” 23% said they will do so, 40% said they won’t, and 34% said they don’t have enough savings to invest. Concerning Prime Minister Kishida’s remark during the U.S.-Japan summit that he plans to “substantially increase” Japan’s defense budget, 55% expressed support, while 33% voiced opposition. When asked about the upcoming Upper House election, 42% said the ruling camp should increase their seats in the Upper House, while 44% said the opposition camp should. The LDP received the highest support rating among political parties at 38%, up 0.7 points, followed by the Japan Innovation Party at 5.0%, up 0.5 points, the CDPJ at 4.6%, down 1.0 point, and Komeito at 3.3%, down 0.1 points.

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