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Mainichi poll: Public approval for Kishida Cabinet drops to 48% 

  • June 19, 2022
  • , Mainichi
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Sunday’s Mainichi carried a report on the results of its opinion poll jointly conducted by the Social Survey Research Center on Saturday which found that public support for the Kishida Cabinet dropped 5 points from last month to 48%. This was reportedly the first time for the Kishida Cabinet’s approval rating to drop since February. Nonsupport rose 7 points to 44%. When asked whether they feel high prices are affecting their households, 68% said “yes,” while 17% said “no”. On the Kishida Cabinet’s measures against high prices, 62% expressed disapproval, far exceeding the 14% who expressed approval. According to the paper, 64% of those who disapproved of the Kishida Cabinet’s measures against high prices expressed nonsupport for the Cabinet. The daily wrote that although the GOJ decided in April on emergency measures against rising oil prices and high prices, public displeasure over the government’s inability to curb price increases led to the decline in public support. 

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