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60% say restarting nuclear power plants inevitable, Sankei online survey

More and more people are calling for Japan to use nuclear power. In light of the Ukraine crisis, the Sankei Shimbun conducted an online public opinion poll on energy issues on June 3–6, 2022. According to the poll, a total of 59.0% of respondents said it is inevitable that Japan will restart its nuclear power plants given its energy situation, with 26.0% saying they think it is inevitable and 33.0% saying they generally think it is inevitable. This is up from the total of 56.5% found in the previous poll [conducted in January–February 2021].


Energy prices are skyrocketing and Japan’s energy supply situation is unstable due to the Ukraine crisis. In the survey, a total of 87.6% of respondents admitted “Japan’s energy security is fragile because it depends on overseas imports for its energy and has a low energy self-sufficiency rate,” with 51.6% of pollees saying that they “agree” with the statement and 36.0% saying they “generally agree.”


Nuclear power generation increases Japan’s energy security and curbs fuel costs. For these reasons, it is the most effective energy source. Its use can be regarded as indispensable in light of the Ukraine crisis. (Segments of the article unrelated to the Sankei online survey have been redacted.)

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