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Kishida increasingly popular with the elderly

Sunday’s Nikkei front-paged an analysis of the results of its monthly public opinion polls showing strong support for the Kishida administration among the elderly compared with the Abe and Suga administrations. Approval for the Kishida cabinet among people aged 40 or older is 6 to 7 points higher than that for the Abe cabinet. In contrast, support for Kishida has not increased among people in their 20s and declined among those in their 30s. The paper attributed the rise in support among older voters to the prime minister’s initial goal of promoting “wealth distribution.” A political scientist separately speculated that the older generations perhaps welcome that the incumbent appears to be more cautious about constitutional reform than his two predecessors. The scholar also argued that some younger voters, in contrast, are probably displeased that Kishida is not a “reformer.” While projecting that the ruling coalition is likely to win the upcoming Upper House election in view of the steady support among voters irrespective of their age groups, the daily emphasized that some seniors may be tempted to turn their back on the LDP at voting stations if the administration continues to fail to combat skyrocketing inflation.

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