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Only 22% are “very interested” in Upper House election, Asahi poll

On June 22–23, the Asahi Shimbun conducted a telephone-based poll to probe the public’s level of interest in the July 10 Upper House election. The survey found the interest level very low, although perhaps this is because it is still the early days of campaigning.


Only 22% of respondents said they are “very interested” in the upcoming election. The findings in the polls conducted at the corresponding time prior to the past three elections were as follows: 2013, 30%; 2016, 29%; 2019, 25%. No direct comparison can be made, however, because polling methodologies differ.


The lowest turnout rate for an Upper House election in the postwar period was the 1995 election when a mere 44.52% of voters actually cast a ballot. The second lowest was in 2019 (48.80%).


In the recent poll, 54% of respondents said that they are “slightly interested,” while 24% said they are “not interested.”


Some 62% of respondents to the recent poll say they will “definitely vote.” It is common, however, for poll findings on voting intentions to be higher than the actual turnout rate.

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