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Parties in favor of constitutional revision likely to maintain two-thirds of seats  

Sankei front-paged a report saying that based on the results of its joint survey conducted with FNN on June 25 and 26, parties in favor of revising the Constitution, including the LDP, Komeito, the Japan Innovation Party, and the Democratic Party For the People, are likely to maintain in the 248-member Upper House a two-thirds majority, which is needed to initiate an amendment. The paper said the parties will secure two-thirds of the seats if they obtain 82 seats, adding that the four parties are projected to win at least 83 seats and may obtain as many as 100. The daily wrote that the ruling coalition is projected to win 70 to 82 seats, saying that in addition to the 69 uncontested seats, the ruling coalition is likely to easily secure a majority in the Upper House. 

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