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70% support use of nuclear power this winter, Nikkei poll

The Nikkei poll conducted on July 29–31 probed views on the government plan to restart up to nine nuclear power plants to cover energy shortages anticipated this winter. A total of 70% of pollees were in favor of using nuclear power, with 51% saying that “the policy is appropriate” and 19% saying that “more nuclear power plants should be restarted.” Only 22% said that “nuclear power plants should not be restarted.”


A plurality of 74% of those who said that the prime minister should prioritize “addressing economic recovery” backed the use of nuclear power. Some 79% of LDP supporters and 61% of opposition party supporters supported nuclear power usage.


It has been decided that the nine nuclear power plants that the government plans to restart will be online by winter. The plants to be restarted are all located in western Japan. None of the plants are located in eastern Japan, where there is the greatest concern about power shortages.

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