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President Putin pledges to “use all possible means” to defend waters around Northern Territories

  • August 1, 2022
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All networks reported at noon that President Putin signed an executive order approving a new Maritime Doctrine on Sunday during a celebration in St. Petersburg to mark Russia’s Navy Day. He said in a speech that the waters around Russian-held islands, including the Northern Territories, are “strategically important” and pledged to use “all possible means” to defend these waters. The Russian leader reportedly added that vital strategic areas include the Black Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and waters around the Kuril Islands, including the Northern Territories. According to the network, the new doctrine divides the areas of Russia’s interest in the world’s oceans into three categories –“vitally important,” “important,” and “others.” It reportedly categorizes the waters around the Northern Territories as “important.” According to the network, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara told the press today: “We are closely following the moves of the Russian military near Japan, including the Northern Territories. We collect information and present our positions to the Russian side whenever necessary. The government will continue to gather relevant information and take appropriate measures.”

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