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Former Marine arrested in Okinawa for allegedly overstaying his visa

  • July 31, 2022
  • , Okinawa Times , p. 29
  • JMH Translation

On July 30, the Naha Police arrested a 46-year-old unemployed man who is a former U.S. Marine stationed in Okinawa and claims to live in the Akebono district of Naha City. He is suspected of violating the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (visa overstay) for staying in Japan after the permitted period term of residence. The suspect has reportedly admitted the charge.


The allegation is that the suspect lived in Okinawa from Jan. 30 through July 29 this year without renewing his period of residence or applying for resident status despite the expiration of his permitted period of residence.


According to the police, officers rushed to a supermarket in Naha City on July 30 after receiving a 110 emergency call reporting theft. When the police officers questioned the suspect on a voluntary basis, they found the permitted period of residence stated in his residence card had expired. The suspect reportedly said, “I forgot to renew [my residence card].” (The suspect’s name has been redacted.)

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