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Russian envoy visits Hiroshima

  • August 4, 2022
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NHK and regional Chugoku Shimbun reported that Russian Ambassador to Japan Galuzin visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park today and offered a wreath of flowers to the victims of the atomic bombing. On the municipal government’s decision not to invite Russian representatives to attend the annual peace ceremony on Aug. 6 on account of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian diplomat expressed displeasure by telling the press: “The decision fails to respect the fact that my government has contributed to nuclear arms abolition. It is truly regrettable.” The official reportedly added: “I acutely felt the indescribable pain, suffering, and agony that the victims sustained as a result of the war crime committed by the United States. I prayed for their souls. I would like to make clear my country’s responsible and proactive attitude toward the reduction and ultimate abolition of nuclear arsenals. Russia has absolutely no intention to use nuclear weapons in the special military operation in Ukraine.” According to the reports, the ambassador visited the city to take part in a symposium on nuclear arms control cosponsored by the Russian Embassy and an unspecified Japanese right-wing organization.

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