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House Speaker Pelosi, PM Kishida reaffirm U.S.-Japan cooperation in maintaining peace and stability in Taiwan Strait

All broadcasters reported in their noon news programs that House Speaker Pelosi and Prime Minister Kishida held a breakfast meeting for about one hour at his official residence this morning. Kishida told reporters afterward that he confirmed with Speaker Pelosi that the United States and Japan will continue to work together closely to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The broadcasters added that they also discussed the U.S.-Japan Alliance and regional issues including China and North Korea as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and their nations’ efforts to achieve a free and open Indo-Pacific. According to the broadcasters, Kishida told Pelosi that Japan strongly condemns Chinese actions with respect to Taiwan and has lodged a protest with Beijing over its military exercises in which five ballistic missiles splashed down within Japan’s EEZ. He also reportedly said that the drills pose a serious threat to the security of Japan and the safety of its people and that the government called on China to immediately halt the exercises. 


NHK showed Speaker Pelosi saying at a press conference at the U.S. Embassy afterward: “Let me say we had a very positive meeting about our friendship.” Fuji TV also aired a story about Pelosi’s remarks at the press conference. The broadcaster said the Speaker criticized China’s launch of ballistic missiles on Thursday by saying Beijing probably used her visit to Taiwan as a pretext to launch missiles. Pelosi reportedly added that in its policy toward China, the United States attaches importance to stability in the Taiwan Strait. 

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