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Cabinet support rate plummets to 57%, Yomiuri poll

The Yomiuri nationwide public opinion poll conducted on Aug. 5–7 found the Kishida Cabinet support rate at 57%, down 8 percentage points from the 65% found in the spot poll taken on July 11–12 after the Upper House election. Some 32% of respondents said they do not support the cabinet (previous poll: 24%).


It has been revealed that multiple Diet members from the Liberal Democratic Party as well as other political parties have received support and contributions from the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (former Unification Church) for their election campaigns. Some 87% of respondents said they do not think the political parties and Diet members are fulfilling their responsibility to explain their ties to the former Unification Church. Even among LDP supporters, 82% gave this answer.


Approval of the government’s handling of COVID-19 has declined to 52% (64%), while disapproval has risen to 41% (31%). Meanwhile, 71% say they do not approve of the government’s handling of the rise in commodity prices. This is unchanged from the figure in the poll conducted on June 22–23. It is thought that dissatisfaction with the handling of the ties between politicians and the former Unification Church as well as the handling of COVID-19 and price increases pushed the support rate down. A support rate of 57%, however, is equivalent to the support rate the Kishida Cabinet had in the June 22–23 poll taken at the time of the announcement of the Upper House election, where the ruling parties saw a major victory. Such a support rate can be considered high.


Public opinion is split on the government’s decision to hold a state funeral for former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, with 49% backing the decision and 46% not.


The party support rates were as follows: LDP, 38% (previous poll: 44%); Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, 6% (6%). Some 36% reported themselves as independents (25%).


Yomiuri cabinet rate support graph Aug. 2022

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