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Nagasaki urges nuclear disarmament at 77th anniversary of atomic bombing

All national dailies reported extensively on the peace ceremony held in Nagasaki on Tuesday to mark the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city. In his peace declaration, Nagasaki Mayor Taue called for the abolition of nuclear weapons amid mounting concern over their potential use following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Prime Minister Kishida said in his remarks: “Even in the midst of a severe security situation, we must continue our history of non-use of nuclear weapons and continue to make Nagasaki the site of the last atomic bombing.” Kishida visited the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum as the first sitting prime minister to do so since its establishment in 1996. The premier said at a post-ceremony press conference that the government intends to include certain forms of cancer in the scope of coverage for a medical subsidy provided to people who experienced the Nagasaki bombing outside of the government-designated area near ground zero.

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