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Japan, India hold 2+2 meeting 

  • September 9, 2022
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All national papers highlighted a foreign and defense ministerial meeting between Japan and India held in Tokyo yesterday, saying that in the first session of its kind in almost three years, the participants agreed to swiftly conduct their first-ever joint training involving fighter jets with the goal of realizing a free and open Indo-Pacific. The cabinet ministers also confirmed the launch of a consultation mechanism between the staffs of their militaries. “We will promote bilateral defense cooperation without fail in order to achieve the shared goal of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” said Foreign Minister Hayashi in a joint press conference. The assembled officials released a joint statement afterward demonstrating their commitment to deepening defense exchanges such as technical cooperation on the development of unmanned ground vehicles and robots and spearheading global discussions on reforming the UN Security Council. The joint statement also emphasized the two nations’ opposition to unilateral attempts to alter the status quo by force and support for the peaceful resolution of international conflicts. However, the statement stopped short of mentioning Russia or China by name.   


The papers noted that Tokyo is anxious to keep New Delhi on the side of the Western camp in dealing with increasingly aggressive Russia and China, with Asahi claiming that in response to Japan’s prodding, the Indian military decided to scale down its participation in the ongoing Russia-led Vostok exercises in the Far East. “The Indians are inching closer to our side,” said an unnamed senior Japanese diplomat.          

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