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Kishida speaks briefly with President Biden in New York

NHK reported on a several-minute pull-aside between President Biden and Prime Minister Kishida in New York on Wednesday following the conclusion of a U.S.-sponsored meeting on infectious diseases, highlighting their agreement to strengthen the bilateral alliance and promote UN Security Council reforms. The premier reportedly praised the U.S. leader’s reference to the need to overhaul the UN organization during his speech at the General Assembly on the same day. He also conveyed gratitude for Vice President Harris’s planned attendance at Abe’s state funeral.


As for Kishida’s participation in the Global Fund conference on fighting AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, the network said the Japanese leader pledged $1 billion yen in additional contributions to combating the diseases over the next three years. He commended the President for organizing the confab at a time when preparing for future pandemics is becoming increasingly important.


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