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PM Kishida delivers policy speech at Diet

  • October 4, 2022
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All national dailies led with reports on the policy speech that Prime Minister Kishida delivered at the extraordinary Diet session that began on Monday. The papers highlighted Kishida’s announcement that the GOJ will spend one trillion yen ($7 billion) over the next five years on “reskilling” programs to help workers move into growth sectors. Kishida also announced that the government will focus on addressing high prices and expressed his intention to ease the financial burden felt by households and businesses due to a likely increase in electricity charges in the coming months. In addition, the premier announced that the GOJ will consider amending legislation to help those affected by the malicious sales activities and donation solicitations of the former Unification Church. Kishida also emphasized his commitment to strengthen Japan’s defense capabilities.


Nikkei wrote that today marks the first anniversary of the Kishida administration, saying that Kishida’s “golden three years” free of national elections have been overshadowed by declining public support due to the former Unification Church scandal, controversy over the state funeral for former Prime Minister Abe, and surging prices. The paper said the next three months will be crucial for the prime minister to roll out policies on energy, Japan’s defense capabilities, and surging prices as the Diet will need to focus on the 2023 budget from January.


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